StudentLogic – Credit Unused Attendances vs. Credit Note

StudentLogic – Credit Unused Attendances vs. Credit Note

This educational blog is a simple reminder about how to use correctly Credit Unused Attendances Functionality and Credit Notes.

This video talks about:
1. How to use Credit Unused Attendances functionality & Credit Note functionality.
2. What is the main difference between Credit Unused Attendances Functionality & Independent Credit Note.

The main learning point from the video below:

Credit Unused Attendances Functionality is also a Credit Note. It is recorded in the system as POS with negative amount a.k.a Credit Note. The main difference with independent Credit Note is the fact that when you use it the revenue would be correctly deducted from the sale of the specific course package as opposed to independent Credit Note which is not linked to a specific package sale. 

1. Credit unused attendances can only be used on confirmed/paid POS sale under specific package.
2. Credit note must be confirmed before you can use it to offset outstanding amount or pay it out.

Please, watch the video attached below for details.

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