So what is StudentLogic?

StudentLogic is a comprehensive, powerful and yet flexible web-based School Management System. It’s designed mainly for enrichment centers, tuition centers and pre-schools. Quick to implement and easy to use, this online system allows you to access, view and manage students, staff and classes from any computer connected to the internet. For the more comprehensive overview of the features available, please download our brochure here or read more at http://www.studentlogic.com.sg/features/.

Is StudentLogic cloud-based or can it be used offline?

StudentLogic is a cloud-based software solution and cannot be used offline or deployed on in house servers as its proprietary solution.

Can StudentLogic be customized to my specific requirements?

StudentLogic is a standard solution that is not customizable at the standard basic price, but it’s highly configurable to suit your situation and needs. We however offer also extra customization packages, if required. If you are interested in extensive customization, you can contact us at sales at nextlogic dot com dot sg for case to case negotiation as we can work on individualized deployments and customization, if required and if possible.

What is the cost of StudentLogic?

Cost of StudentLogic differs from country to country. Please, email sales at nextlogic dot com dot sg to enquire about price options available. The cost consists however always of one time set up and configuration fee and monthly user license fees based on number of concurrent users. In Singapore, one time cost is claimable under PIC or ICV scheme and monthly user license fees are claimable under PIC.

 Ours is a small enrichment/tuition centre. Is StudentLogic suitable for enterprises like ours?

Recognizing that commercial enrichment/tuition schools/centers have unique business structure and processes that are different from mainstream schools, StudentLogic is developed with flexibility in mind to cater to these schools/centers whether small or big. Generally however, from our experience and that of our clients, as long as you handle about 50 or move active students, StudentLogic would be of benefit to you.

Is StudentLogic difficult to operate? Do you provide training and how long does it take?

StudentLogic is a very comprehensive system and usually it takes time to learn it well but once user gets used to it, it’s very easy to use on a daily basis. We have multiple arrangements (packages) available for our clients depending on their specific needs. On site training can be provided in Singapore and in Australia for key users (based on no. of user licenses purchased and min. is 3 users license per one system implementation). On site training is very hands-on training which is split into 4 weekly 2 hours sessions or 2 sessions over 2 days period of 4 hours on client’s premises. Users are required to attend all 4 sessions as well as watch provided videos and complete online and other assignments to get NextLogic certificate of training completion. It is the best way to understand the system to be able to use it efficiently.

We also have online StudentLogic e-learning platform available for clients who prefer online training or for locations where on site training is not possible at the moment. Training or extra training for new users can also be provided over Skype, if required.

Can I import my current data into StudentLogic at the beginning?

Data can be imported into StudentLogic upon training finalization when going live. One time import is provided free of charge if data are provided in our CRM import template and Products import template, both of which are provided to clients. We can however only import students and parents data and products data but not any transactional historic data.

 Is StudentLogic secure?

Keeping your data secure has always been our top priority. We implement a variety of strategies, from active security like encryption to passive security like daily backups. StudentLogic is designed so that users can only see and make changes in the system where they have access rights, and this is configurable accordingly to the internal protocols and procedures of the clients.

 Is StudentLogic reliable?

We commit to 99.9% of server uptime in our SLA and so far we managed to keep that commitment.

 Can i download the data from the system in some readable format?

Users with necessary access rights can at any time export the data from the system in each module into Excel format or via ftp access into SQL format.

 How do i get more help on a particular subject?

All StudentLogic’s customers are provided with user manual which explains in detail most of the functionality of the system. Upon request user can also be provided access to our online e-learning platform to watch videos on different subjects or polish out some skills doing practical assignments in the online platform. You can also check with your StudentLogic administrator at your school/centre. This person is the “super-user” who liaises with our technical team and should be able to answer your question or contact our Customer Service Helpline at support at nextlogic dot com dot sg.

 How do I report a bug or make a request?

You can contact our Customer Service Helpline at +65 6635 1865 or via email at support at nextlogic dot com dot sg during our office hours (weekday: 9:30am to 5:30pm). Saturday support is only applicable to selected clients based on their customer service agreement. We do request that you always email us also screenshot of the page where problem occurred with URL displayed so we can identify and correct the issue as soon as possible. Please, do not send us screenshots via what’s up as it’s difficult to track errors submitted via this channel.

 Users restrictions: Who controls what I can access in StudentLogic?

Users are allowed access to information and process transactions according to their user role. There are 3 basic levels of user roles: administrator, teacher and manager/supervisor/principal with different access rights. The user roles and access rights can be customized according to the school/centre protocol and procedure. The super-user “Root” controls access rights of all users, which is usually business owner or centre/school manager.

Does your system comes with fingerprint scanner to track student attendance?

StudentLogic does not come with a fingerprint scanner. However, the system can be integrated with a scanner of your choice if you insist on it as long as the scanner of your choice meets the requirements that we would specify to make sure it’s possible to integrate it with our system. You can also choose to use RFID readers with membership cards that we can provide as an alternative to fingerprint scanner for attendance taking purposes. However, RFID reader and cards are optional, clients can choose their own way of collecting attendance. Clients/teachers can also choose to use our in-house attendance app that is available at no extra cost to all users to update attendance records.

What are possible ways of collecting attendance via StudentLogic?

You can generate attendance sheet and use the old way of manual sign in/sign out principle and later update the attendance in the system. You can also give access to your teachers to update attendance directly in the system, either via Attendance summary screen directly in the system online or using system online but loaded on tablet (iOS or Android only) or they can take attendance via our simple attendance app that allows quick and easy update of attendance status. Or you can choose to implement RFID reader and issue membership card to students and system would auto update attendance for student upon student’s arrival to the school and tapping the card at the RFID terminal.

Does your system comes with sms/email reminders?

Using the communication module, users are able to blast mass sms/email to selected recipients. Recipients can be grouped by multiple criteria such as, class/membership type, attendance status or even birthdays. Option to use sms platform is however limited to certain countries only at the moment.

 How do i know that Nextlogic will not misuse the data in the system?

The confidentiality of our client’s data has always been our top priority, thus we adopt a variety of strategies to ensure that the data is secure. Data in the system remain fully in the ownership of the client, and any misuse of the data by the IT vendor is considered a breach and offense under the respective country’s law. Non-Disclosure Agreement to officialize this statement is signed with each client before any data or information is exchanged.

Can I integrate StudentLogic with my existing accounting system ?

As most of the accounting softwares in the market are proprietary, it’s usually not possible nor necessary. StudentLogic has AR module from which you can easily generate monthly (or other frequency of choice) report for accounting purposes and provide it to your internal or external accountant. Summary figures can then be easily transferred into existing accounting system. If, however, client requires integrated school and accounting management system, we do have a full accounting system in place that can be deployed with StudentLogic at extra cost.

If, however integration with accounting system of your choice is necessary, we have all APIs ready for integration with your preferred partner as along as they are willing to integrate. Any extra integration is charge-able unless it is possible to finalize it within the initial set up & configuration cost.

 Is StudentLogic flexible? Can StudentLogic be integrated with 3rd party apps?

We have all APIs ready for necessary integration with 3rd party app provider of your choice if required as long as they are willing to integrate with us. Any extra customization however is charge-able unless it is possible to finalize it within the initial set up & configuration cost.