Why StudentLogic

StudentLogic is a multi-branch, cost-efficient, user-friendly and complete business suite specially designed for small and mid size enrichment centers and tuition centers.

It allows school to efficiently and effectively manage all key resources within organization including Contacts Management (parents/students/children), Classes & Products Management (definition of classes, packages, timetables, inventory management), daily workflow management including Registrations, Sales and Attendance Tracking as well as utilize communication tools such as Mass Emails and Mass SMSes (alerts, payment reminders, promotions, e-newsletters, etc.) and reporting tools such as Dashboard and Management Reports. Users especially love cool extensions and apps attached to StudentLogic such as Online Registration Form, Attendance App and Parents App.

Key benefits

Business woman multi-tasking

Organized data, organized school.
  • Transform your school from the ground up.
  • Business tool to manage data to know what’s really going on.
  • Eliminate human error, duplicates, missing data or long processing time.
  • Track multiple branches from one system.
  • Command center to be auto alerted if anything goes wrong.
Quick Registration without a hitch (CRM)
  • No more paper. No more queues.
  • Register via tablet, smart phone or Quick Add.
  • Quick Search for parent’s or student’s phone or email.
  • Track family information under one record.
  • Record parent’s complain or compliment to follow up.
  • Share membership info among branches. Keep sales info branch specific.

Having crowded center in between classes trying to update attendance for incoming students while registering new students? Beat the queues. Allow parents to register via tablet or use our Quick Add to add new student quickly. Use Quick Search to quickly locate parent’s or student’s phone or email. Track second child’s info under one family record. Record parent’s complain or compliment for follow up and future reference.

From Registration to Closing Sales in one seamless process
  • One sales screen for quick processing of membership, deposit, course sale and merchandise sale.
  • Sales engine optimized to suit various combinations of sales activities.
  • Create customized promo packages with free classes, promo rates or discount.
  • Auto GIRO files processing for monthly fees collection.
  • Ageing report for all students to track outstanding payments.
  • Automated sms reminders for outstanding payments.
No more arguments with parents
  • Attendance records always up to date.
  • Know real time how many classes booked, how many missed and how many expired.
  • Easy scheduling with attendance dashboard. No overbooked classes or un-utilized classrooms.
  • Automated sms/email reminders for missed classes, bookings for trial classes or renewals.
Stay in control wherever you are
  • Dashboard with real time data and self-defined KPIs.
  • Pre-defined/configurable reports for day to day operational needs: sales reports, teachers performance reports, lessons reports, birthday report, trial conversion report, etc.
  • Customized reports for decision making needs.
  • Franchise reports available

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