3 top signs that you need to implement a school system

3 top signs that you need to implement a school system

StudentLogic is not really a traditional school management system catering for main stream schools or private education institutions. It’s been developed mainly for enrichment centers and tuition centers.

From our experience with StudentLogic’s implementation we have realized that even just one of the signs we have identified and described below can be a very good reason to seriously consider a school system implementation in your business.

1. Too many complaints, too much negativity going on

Now, this might sound a little bit general but it is actually that. It covers anything ranging from parents complaining about not getting correct information about their student’s attendance or payments, through teachers’ complaining about not knowing when they are supposed to teach and who is supposed to be in their classes or admin girls complaining about teachers forgetting to attend classes that are scheduled for them or need to handle too many complaining parents all the way to managers complaining they are not getting their reports on time or with precise numbers. Bringing a little bit of organization and process in the form of system into this kind of environment might just be a stepping stone to a much bigger change that has been long overdue.

2. Too many and too complex Excel sheets

Having a system in place in the form of Excel sheets is not necessarily a bad thing. We all started there when trying to automate our businesses. Excel sheets, if used well, can be very useful and pragmatic. However, if your Excel document for scheduling a one week classes for students has 20 sub-sheets to look into and cross-check, then they are officially becoming impossible to use. Same goes for a need to update the same information in multiple Excel sheets to keep all of them up to date. There is a simple and logical enhancement to move from too many Excel sheets into one integrated system that can display and cross-reference all the data inputted much more easily.

3. Too much time spent on indirect business activities

We started businesses to create revenue by enhancing someone’s else life or fulfilling their needs, thus by focusing on delivering the service or product first and not by updating Excel sheets or browsing through manual folders to provide information required. Think about how much time your people spend on activities that are directly related to creating revenue or enhancing customer service as opposed to supportive indirect activities which they might actually love to do but you as business owner should not. We are talking about time spent for example on trying to find information about students that is spread in various manual folders or various Excel sheets, re-typing the same information again and again into multiple documents to keep them updated, taking a week to generate simple summary monthly reports for management, etc. If system can replace at least one full time’s employee work load then it’s definitely worth it. Actually even half of the employee’s work load would do as if you compare costs involved in paying monthly salary as opposed to paying monthly system fee, it simply makes business sense.

Simple or even bit more complex integrated system is no longer a nice thing to have in your business, it’s a must. So the thinking should not be anymore whether to have or not to have a system in place but which system to choose to satisfy all our unique needs so we can progress and grow business for the benefit of all involved.

We wish you a fruitful and efficient decision making experience in selecting the right school system for your institution.

StudentLogic team

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